Estate Planning

We compile a detailed view of assets, liabilities and cash flows, effectively building your personal balance sheet. This view allows us to assess whether investments, insurance, wills, trust deeds and contracts are optimal. It also enables us to assist in planning for the responsible transfer of wealth to generations to follow. Your estate plan is updated annually on your review date.

Wills & Trusts

We find that many wills are out of date due to legislation amendments. Worse still, many younger clients have no will at all. A precise and up to date will assists an executor in winding up an estate in a satisfactory and speedy manner. Trusts can be effective planning tools, but must be established for the right reasons and within the context of a family’s overall estate plan. With our family office fiduciary partners, we can review existing trusts and establish and manage local and offshore trusts at very competitive fee levels.

Investment Management

We diversify investors’ capital across a range of investment instruments. Inflation based returns are targeted over specific time periods and performance is regularly reviewed. We are able to offer a mix of unit trust funds, hedge funds and share portfolios, and have strong expertise in both local and offshore investing as well as retirement funding vehicles.

Our Consequence Model Portfolios blend together carefully selected fund managers with proven track records and reflect our best market views. They are actively managed in partnership with Morningstar Investment Management, the premier global fund and market researcher. We can blend these models with bespoke share and unit trust portfolios as required. Please contact us to view fact sheets.

Life, Disability & Critical Illness Insurance

Our estate analysis provides us with the exact figures required. We often encounter clients who have been oversold or advised to go into an inappropriate mix of benefits. As with medical aid, this is a grudge purchase at best – ensuring your premiums and benefits are spot on and up to date is the right thing to do. Please click here for more detail.

Medical Aid & Gap Cover

Medical Aids are major monthly budgeting items and plan details can be complex. We assist in plan selection and complex claim situations. Focus on general wellness and health form an important part of our overall service and we run numerous wellness days for individual and corporate clients. Please click here for more detail.

Consequence Corporate Services: Employee Benefits & Business Assurance

We advise on and implement new generation, low cost options available relating to retirement funding, medical aid and life benefits for staff. We are also able to advise on business succession plans and directors’ and key personnel assurance. Please click here for more on EB services & here for more on Business Assurance .


We provide extensive advice and service on offshore bank accounts, money transfers, trusts and investments domiciled in jurisdictions such as Guernsey, Switzerland and Mauritius. We are also able to assist with Financial Emigration.  Please click here for more information on offshore investment.

Tax & Accounting

Tax always plays a critical role in our consideration of investment, insurance and general estate planning. Over and above that we are able to offer an excellent tax filing and accounting service for families and businesses through a trusted service partner.

Legal Advisory

Legal issues often enter into our client discussions. We have well-established relationships with excellent attorneys who have assisted our clients with important legal matters such as marriage contracts, property conveyancing and dispute arbitration.

Consequence Connect

Connect is our streamlined online investment process, designed for those who wish to invest online without necessarily interacting with an advisor. Feel free to go through this digital process in the knowledge that we are a call away if you need further assistance.

Contact us for an introductory meeting with no fees or expectations attached.